Khan Salar

Khan Salar

Kish Island

Overall rating: 6/10

Date of visit: October 2012


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At Khan Salar we had two types of minced kebab: Lamb and beef, and we also some grilled tomatoes as well as the usual rice and some bland pickled vegetables.

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The lamb was definitely the best thing here, although it wasn’t spectacular. I sometimes make lamb kebab like this myself, and I have to say that my own is a bit better (I also add lemon zest, basil leaves and a bit of cumin).
The beef kebab was okay, but really nothing special. I can’t say if it was overcooked or just not the best quality, but it was simply too dry. It was far from the quality of the beef kebab I had in Shiva in Tehran. The rice and the tomatoes were okay too, but nothing spectacular either.

I’m not too sure the hygiene at this restaurant was that good. I had the runs afterwards, and my then-wife found a hair in the beef. It looked like an eye lash, and although the restaurant offered to replace the dish, they also said it might have been her eye lash or the cow’s eye lash. Although I didn’t understand the conversation, as it was in Farsi, the discussion did go on for a long time.

The total price came to 335.000 rial for two including soft drinks, meaning €11.50 per person.

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