Shandiz Safdari

Shandiz Safdari

Kish Island

Overall rating: 7.5/10

Date of visit: October 2012


Safdari is supposed to be the best restaurant on Kish Island, and it was also the best meal I had there. It was definitely more expensive than the other restaurants we went to on the island, but this was a good example of how you get what you pay for.

As usual, we just had one course, although this consisted of several small dishes. As usual, the salad was terribly plain, and we actually didn’t even touch it. On the side we also had olives, a puree of pomegranate and olives, and roasted garlic.

IMG_5526 (Large)

IMG_5527 (Large)

The main ingredients were the stars of the show though: Kebab of lamb chops and rice with saffron butter.

The lamb was very well cooked, and only one of the chops was just a tad dry.

The rice were well-seasoned, and although they were very similar to the other rice I had in Kish Island, they were definitely better.

The “cake” of rice in the picture was made with yoghurt, egg yolks and saffron. Usually, I’m not keen on the fried rice they serve in Iran (nor in Spain), as the rice are usually so hard that you can barely chew them. This here was wonderful though. Great texture and very sweet and rounded flavour. Coincidently, I ate it as the last part of the meal, and it actually worked perfectly as a dessert for me.

IMG_5534 (Large)

IMG_5533 (Large)

Although there still was the problem with vegetables, this was easily the best meal I had in Kish island, and one of the best meals I’ve had in Iran.

The price came to 735,000 rial for two including two drinks each (a soda and salty yoghurt), meaning €23 per person

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