Leon XIII- H11,



Telephone (054) 340607

Overall rating: 5/10

Date of visit: August 2016


Some may frown upon my low score for this review, but this meal was nevertheless one of the best mails outside of Lima that I had in Peru. Besides a couple of nice restaurants in Peru, I barely had any decent food any of the places I went in Peru. This was partly due to my travel companions not being particularly interested in fine dining, but also simply something to do with the food standard in Peru.

The decor in the restaurant was classic and pleasant with white table cloths and wooden chairs and floors:


We chose a tasting menu, which cost around a mighty 65 soles (€17) per person. On top of this we had a glass of red wine each. I don’t recall the price, but it wasn’t much.

So, if you’re a tourist from a wealthier country and want something a bit nicer in Arequipa, Salamanto is a good option, and it’s still very, very cheap compared to what you would pay anywhere in Western Europe – even in Spain. Nevertheless, neither of us really felt the food was anything special. I am well aware that because I’ve been to many exclusive restaurants, so I might be more difficult to impress. My companion had only been to a few his entire life, and I don’t think he had ever been to any places with three Michelin stars. Nevertheless, he liked this restaurant a little bit more than me, but we pretty much agreed that the food in Salamanto was decent and better than much of the other food we had in our two weeks in Peru, but still not really special, although it was much more creative than most of the food I had in Peru.

The service was very good and attentive though, and if we leave the good restaurants I went to in Lima out again, then this was by far the best service I had anywhere in Peru.

“Cocktail” with corn:


Cheese, vegetables and quinoa:


Spicy stuffed peppers: