Bar Zeruko

Bar Zeruko

Calle Pescadería 10

20003 Donostia-San Sebastián


Overall rating: 3/10

Date of visit: August 2012



I was recommended by someone into food to go to Bar Zeruko for pintxos. What a disappointment!

Okay, I only tried two (or was it three?) pintxos, which doesn’t say something about the whole repertoire of the restaurant.

Admittedly, the pintxo I had with hake was not bad, but it was basically just a piece of hake on top of a piece of baguette. This was just the regular hake pinxto, but I think there was also a pintxo with hake that you had to order, which was supposed to be one of the restaurant’s specialties.

The “rose lobster” was also supposed to be one of the restaurant’s specialities (and my acquaintance recommended me this too), so of course I ordered that one. Unlike the rest of the pintxos, which were on the counter, you had to order this one. I assumed this meant they would cook it from scratch. I don’t know how they cooked it, but it was the worst lobster I’ve had in my entire life. Lobster is not the easiest thing to cook, but there must be limits to how badly you can screw this up.

I can only guess what they did to this, but maybe they had frozen it, thawed it, and then baked it in the oven for an hour. Granted, the presentation looked very nice, but what good does that do you if you can barely eat the food?

IMG_4101 (Large)

The hake pulled my rating up to this level.

I would like to think that this place is capable of better things than what I had. I have seen pictures that look quite impressive, so maybe I was very, very unlucky with the lobster and unlucky to choose the simplest pintxo when it came to the hake. And admittedly, I can’t do a proper review of a restaurant based on two pintxos, but that was unfortunately what I had time for before we left, and after those two I didn’t bother trying anything else.

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