Racó del Turia

Racó del Turia

Calle de Ciscar 10

46005 Valencia



Tel.: +34 963 951 525

Overall rating: 6.5/10

Date of visit: June 2012


This restaurant was a lot more traditional than the places I usually go to eat, but I was pleasantly surprised.
Me and some friends went here for lunch during Valencia’s restaurant week (Cuina Oberta). We paid 20 Euros + drinks each for four courses. Looking at the menu outside, however, did make it seem like eating a la carte would be a somewhat more expensive ordeal.
We had:
Prawn Carpaccio:

IMG_2703 (Large)

Two croquettes with seafood:

IMG_2705 (Large)

Paella with prawns and cuttlefish:

IMG_2706 (Large)

Vanilla ice cream with berries and crispy chunks of biscuits (a bit similar to biscotti):

IMG_2708 (Large)

To me, the paella was a little bit too salty, and the seafood flavour was a little bit too much for me, but that’s just a personal preference, as I only like certain types of seafood (but I adore fish). Other than that, the paella was very well made. The Carpaccio was also a tiny bit too much for me in the end, but nevertheless it had good flavour and was well seasoned. The ice cream tasted a little bit synthetic, but I could nevertheless see that they had also used real vanilla. The temperature of the ice cream was good too (sometimes ice cream is not defrosted enough, or it’s defrosted too much), and all the dishes were well presented.
All in all, a quite pleasant place to go for traditional Valencian food: Well made pleasant and simple food at a reasonable price (at least during the restaurant week).

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