Calle San Vicente Martir 3-5

46002 Valencia


 Tel.: +34 963 52 25 23

Overall rating: 5/10

Date of visit: March 2013


Vicentino serves typical Spanish food but nevertheless in a slightly modern way and cooked fairly well. Sorry, but I don’t have pictures (my camera went dead just before going here).

We ordered two courses to share:

First a timbale of aubergine and red peppers with some lettuce and balsamic vinegar on the side priced at €10. It was prettily presented on the plate, but my wife at the time was the first to point out that the aubergine had no flavour, and that the dish lacked seasoning. I actually don’t think they had added any seasoning at all (if they did, it was very minute). Nevertheless, a reasonable dish albeit not a terribly exciting one.

The second dish was soupy rice with monkfish, langoustines (one per person) and artichokes priced at €17 per person, meaning €34 in total. I found it a bit odd that the dish included whole langoustines, so we had to peel them at the table ourselves, but that seems to be how they do it in Spain. The rice had quite nice flavour from the fish stock, but they somewhat overpowered the monkfish’s flavour and completely overpowered the langoustine’s flavour. Most of the artichokes I had I spat out, as the leaves where the tough outer leaves.

So again, a reasonable dish albeit not a terribly exciting one. And I might add at €17 per person actually not so reasonably priced, but there was definitely enough food for the two of us in this dish, even if we hadn’t had a starter (it was served in a big pot).

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