Gordon Ramsay Steak

Gordon Ramsay Steak

3655 S Las Vegas Blvd (in Caesars, Paris Las Vegas)

Las Vegas

NV 89109


Telephone: +1-877-346-4642


Overall rating: 8-8.5/10

Date of visit: October 2015


This restaurant is the third Gordon Ramsay restaurant I’ve been to, and this restaurant made it clear to me why I seek out his restaurants: It’s not rocket science food, but it’s always well-tasting and well-cooked food. Sure, I like creative and boundary-pushing cooking, but rather well-tasting classical food than failed experiments.

Of course, Gordon Ramsay doesn’t cook in this restaurant – nor does he cook in any of his other restaurants anymore as far as I know. He’s busy being on TV, but at least he hires good people. As for dress code, unlike his flagship London restaurant or Maze, there was no dress code in this place. I showed up in faded jeans and a T-shirt with a big print.

IMG_3162 (Large)

My first dish was a starter of slow-cooked pork belly with cheesy grits, baby onions, tomato jam and a braising sauce, priced at $20. The pork was lovely – easily some of the best pork I’ve ever had! The sweet tomato jam also worked surprisingly well here, and despite the simplicity lifted the dish to another level.

IMG_3157 (Large)

My companion had lobster priced at $28. She loved it, but I didn’t like it as much as I had expected. She didn’t care much for the pork, so both of us chose wisely in the end.

IMG_3158 (Large)

She also had a Caesar Salad with Scottish eggs, priced at $17, which she called the best Caesar Salad she had ever had.

IMG_3159 (Large)

My main course was lamb two ways, priced at $48. Again, a lovely dish, and I was actually happy that I chose this one rather than beef. It came with tomato sauce, sundried tomatoes, artichokes and parsnips, and the minced lamb came with rice, which lacked salt, but that’s the only complaint I have. This ranks among some of the best lamb I’ve ever had, along the dishes I had in Iran as well as Daniel in New York.

IMG_3166 (Large)

My companion chose Kobe rib cap, priced at $66. The cuts of beef had been paraded for each table before we ordered, complete with a cart that had mirrors positioned, so we could see the meat from the side and the top. Part of the reason why I was glad that I didn’t choose beef was because of how little food was actually on the plate compared to my dish. My companion did call this the best steak she had ever had (and I also really enjoyed it) and she also ordered potato puree on the side, priced at $13. But at $79 in total (+ tax and tip) for one course the price is becoming almost ludicrous.

IMG_3164 (Large)

I ordered fingerling potatoes with parmesan and truffle, also priced at $13, on the side, as I had expected the lamb to not come with any sides. Luckily, we got to take the potatoes home at the end, as it was way more than I could eat.

IMG_3165 (Large)

For dessert I had cheese cake with rhubarb and freeze-dried strawberries. Also a really nice dessert, where my only real complaint was that the base should have been a bit thicker, as the cake itself mostly consisted of the filling.

IMG_3168 (Large)

My companion didn’t have any dessert, but had a cappuccino to finish with, priced at $7. This came with three spoons, labelled A, B, C with chocolate, the letters representing the liquors inside. She also had a cocktail to start with, priced at $15. We drank two bottles of water priced at $9 each. For wine I was a bit difficult, so our waiter let me try four glasses of wine if I’m not mistaken. He was probably happy that he put that much effort into it, as I ended up choosing the most expensive glass, priced at $28. My companion chose a glass priced at $15.

So, all in all the bill came to $325.38 including tax, and then there was of course the obligatory tip. My part of the bill came to around $142 with tax before tip, but if you leave out the fingerling potatoes and the wine and include one bottle of water, it comes to around $87.50 including tax. Choose a more affordable wine, and you have a three course meal with a glass of wine for just over $100 + tip.

The service was great, as could be expected. The only thing I can put a finger on was that the waiter didn’t bring me the bottle of wine for a picture as I requested at the end, and that’s easily forgiven. The only thing that really annoyed me about this place was perhaps the size and ensuing noise level of the restaurant, and also that most main courses didn’t come with any sides nor sauces, so this had to be ordered separately, making it a very expensive meal indeed if you desired a decent slab of beef on your plate – which most probably do when they go to a steak house. That and there were no amouses to begin with – which given the price you might have expected. But all in all a lovely meal and a restaurant I would be very happy to go back to.

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