Ruta del Azafran

Ruta del Azafran

Pº del Padre Manjón nº 1- Local 1, Paseo de los Tristes

18010 Granada


Tel.: +34 958 226 882

Overall rating: 5/10

Date of visit: July 2012


This was our last day in Granada, and we just wanted something to eat before taking our train the same night, but we didn’t want to go for the nasty looking chips and octopus with a slice of tomato and iceberg lettuce that seemed to be served all over town. Therefore, we chose this restaurant as the menu seemed more interesting. We did, however, choose maybe the least elaborate dishes on the menu, simply to save time and money (the latter because the restaurant level in Granada seemed quite low, so why waste more money?).

We chose just one dish each, couscous with lamb and chicken respectively. Had we chosen something else, this review might have been different.

Judging from this dish, the technical level at this restaurant didn’t seem particularly good: The lamb was a bit dry, the chicken was a bit dry, and the vegetables were overcooked and had no seasoning. With regards to the vegetables, a Spanish acquaintance of mine passionately told me that it’s “typically Spanish to boil the vegetables for so long that you can mash them with a fork”. All I can say about that method is: Yuk.

IMG_3847 (Large)

Nevertheless, it wasn’t a bad meal, but just an average one. This might be one of the best restaurants in town, but judging from what people were eating at all the other places we passed, there didn’t seem to be much competition.

 The two bad things about the meal was that we had to sit outside, as only the chef and one waitress was in the restaurant that day, and apparently the waitress didn’t feel she could serve both inside and outside. That wasn’t a problem, but they charged 10 % extra for meals served outside + the 8 % VAT was put on top afterwards. That meant that a dish that was originally displayed as €11 on the menu ended up being €13 – which might not seem like much, but it was actually an increase in almost 19 %. For a longer meal this would have meant a lot more money.

The other bad thing was that the waitress didn’t seem very happy. The guy (I assume the chef) who gave us our bill was very friendly and smiling, but the waitress always had a dead stare in her eye and didn’t even as much as look at us when we passed her as we left.

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