Purple Cafe

Purple cafe

1225 4th Ave
Seattle, WA 98101


Telephone: +1-206-829-2280



Overall rating: 7.5/10

Date of visit: August 2015

I ended up going to The Purple Cafe as an acquaintance had mentioned wanting to go the day before. I hadn’t expected much, but was pleasantly surprised. Yes, the food is café food but definitely among the better ones.

IMG_1956 (Large)

First I had toast with duck liver pate with a layer of maple syrup jelly on top as well as cocoa nips priced at $12 (+ tax and tips). I usually don’t go for liver of any sort, but this sounded so good I had to try it, and it was lovely.

IMG_1957 (Large)

Next I had skewers of grilled beef with shaved truffle and tomato sauce and a risotto if I remember correctly. As usual, the truffles barely had any flavour, and the meat was a tad dry in places, but this was a minor detail, as most of the meat was lovely. I think this was a daily special that day, and I didn’t keep the bill, so I don’t know the price.

IMG_1959 (Large)

Unfortunately, I didn’t go for dessert as I had planned to go to a pastry shop afterwards, and that was probably a mistake given how good the food at The Purple Café actually was. My review is of course not based on much food, but I was nevertheless quite pleased here, and I would be happy to go back.

I also had a glass of white wine, and as I described what type I preferred, the waitress let me try three different ones before ordering a glass. What a great service – especially in a café!

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