Value for money:

This list has been made by looking at how good the food was compared to the price, and how much food I had, in regards to the general price level in that area and country for this type of food. Meaning, a three-star restaurant would be compared to other three-star restaurants, not to places that cost €10. I also look at how much food I had for €20 (or for €170 for that matter). For €170 you can expect more courses, so I also compare if you have 5 courses one place and 15 another place, although the price might be €170 both places. And lastly, did I really feel the food was worth all this money despite the number of courses?

As can be seen from the reviews, some of these meals were lunches and with single glasses of wine, etc., so dinners with full bottles of wine might not present the same value.

Mid-range (Up to €70 including drinks):

1: Samsha

2: Sangonereta

3: Borda Berri

4: Ca’ Sento

5: Cofoco

6: Tony’s

7: Orio & Sagardi

8: Maze

9: Haney

10: Shandiz Safdari

High-end (more than €70):

1: Vollmers

2: Azurmendi

3: Tabu

4: Sant Pau

5: Quique Dacosta

6: Gordon Ramsay

7: AOC (prices has since increased drastically)

8: Osteria Francescana

9: Kokkeriet

10: Riff

Worst value for money (all price ranges):

1: Pic

2: Arzak

3: Daniel

4: Da Vittorrio

5: Pierre Gagnaire

6: Mortens Kro

7: Vicentino

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