Borda Berri

Borda Berri

Calle Fermin Calbeton 12

20003 San Sebastian


Overall rating: 7.5/10

Date of visit: August 2012



I wrote this review four months later (I didn’t think I had pictures, and I couldn’t remember the restaurant’s name), so admittedly it’s not quite as informative and precise as usual.

I was recommended by someone into food to go to Borda Berri for tapas. His other recommendation (Bar Zeruko) was a grave disappointment, but Borda Berri was a pleasant surprise, although it didn’t look like much from the outside (nor on the inside, actually).

I tried three small dishes: Pigs ear, veal cheeks and something I honestly don’t remember what was. As the dishes came very fast, the food had clearly been done in advance and then kept warm, but this particular type of food didn’t seem to suffer from it. The pictures might not look very nice, but the food here along with that of Orio/Sagardi in Valencia has easily been the best tapas I’ve had in Spain. I’ve had pigs ear another place since being to Borda Berri, and that was very greasy and disgusting. Here, it was a real delight.

IMG_4100 (Large)

IMG_4099 (Large)

IMG_4098 (Large)

To anyone wondering about my score: Yes, I actually did enjoy Borda Berri more than Arzak overall. The cornet dish at Arzak was better than anything at Borda Berri, but overall the food I had at Borda Berri was better than what I had a Arzak because it had one thing that the food at Arzak didn’t have: flavour.

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